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Celebrating the Semicentennial of the
Scribing of A Course in Miracles


Here is a small segment of an interview conducted by Tamara Morgan in 1990 with Louis Schucman, Helen's husband. It is his telling of the story of how he met Helen when they were both students at New York University. (Be patient - Recording may take a couple of seconds to load.)



“I used to work in the library at the college. And they had a Reserve Room, which is where you could get books and read them while you were in the library. So you could get them and read them. And one day Helen came in and she asked for a particular book and then she wanted to take it home. And I said, ‘I couldn't do it.’ I said, ‘because the rules are that no books were to go out.’ Well, she conned me. And she promised to come back the next day with the book and she came back the next day without the book. And she said that what had happened was that she was reading the book, and a bird flew in and she threw the book at the bird and it missed the bird and the book went down and it fell on another roof. This is a true story! And I obviously didn't believe her. So she insisted that I come up to her apartment. So she brought me up there and showed me that the book had actually fallen in a small building that was between this building and a corner building, I think. And there was the book! So, I said, ‘Look,’ I said, ‘all you had to do was get the man there [the maintenance man] to put up a ladder and get the book!’ So, she hadn't thought of that. So, we got the man and he got the book and I got it back. And that’s how I met her.”

Louis Schucman (1985)

Louis and Dr. Helen Schucman (1975)

Louis Schucman and Interviewer Tamara Morgan (1990)