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Foundation for Inner Peace
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Our Mailing List was first compiled in 1996 for the purpose of reaching out to our supporters with a simple message of "Thanks..." Today it has grown to thousands of names and represents many cherished years of memories and excitement about our continued work in making A Course in Miracles available to all who wish to participate in its teachings.

Please note that this is a private Mailing List and it has not and will not be distributed by us for any reason. We use our mailing list to send, through the USPS, donation Thank You letters and the required IRS donation tax forms, as well as occasional announcements from the Foundation, usually only once a year.  We send email annoucements several times a year to let interested students know when a new language edition of the Course is available, when new materials are available, and when major website enhancements are made. 

Help us keep your information up to date. Please use the online forms below to Add, Update, or Remove your name and address information from our Mailing List. We assure you that your update will be timely. 

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For more information on how the Foundation for Inner Peace respects your privacy, please review our Privacy Statement.

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