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Miracles Around the World…

The Foundation for Inner Peace has published the Course in 23 different languages. There are over 2000 study groups registered in countries all over the world. This is a 13 minute slideshow of hundreds of the photos that study groups have sent us from around the world. Also shown are slides of 53 ACIM Facebook Groups representing over 190,000 members.

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A Global Map of
A Course in Miracles
Study Groups


The Foundation for Inner Peace in partnership with the Miracle Distribution Center has created an interactive map that displays ACIM Study Groups around the world! The maps show over 2000 study groups in 65 countries. They are seen as lights that are clickable.  You can zoom in and out and find your study group.

This wonderful display is a reflection of the outreach of the Course around the world.  We hope you enjoy viewing the way the light has spread.

If you would like to find or add a study group, please click here to open the Miracle Distribution Center site who will make sure your group "gets its star!"