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Apple ACIM Workbook Lesson
Reminder App

 The Foundation continues its commitment to provide study aids for students of the Course. Our latest offering is a completely new Workbook lesson reminder app, developed by the Foundation in conjunction with CDE Solutions, for the iPhone and iPad.

If, as a student of A Course in Miracles, you have ever spent time studying your daily lesson from the Workbook of the Course in the morning only to forget to review the lesson at the suggested times during the day, then this app is for you. The app will jog your memory at the appropriate time, which has been pre-set at the specific time-interval as suggested within each lesson. For lessons that have no suggested time intervals, you can specify one of your own choosing. You also have the option of overriding Course-specified intervals to a time interval of your choice. Also, have you ever remembered to do the lesson but forgot what words to use? This app places the full text of the 365 daily lessons, plus Introductions, from the Workbook for Students, right at your fingertips.

The app is simple to use. To begin you simply select the lesson you are currently working on from a rotating "wheel," then when the wheel stops on your lesson of the day you click on "Full Text" and you are presented with the full text of the lesson. The complete Workbook for Students, including instructions, can be accessed from the wheel.

New enhancements have been added:
Reminder text is now customizable.
A nice variety of alert sounds have been added.
Start/End dates set themselves with the new day based on prior day times. User no longer has to set them each morning.
Modifications to reminder text so the entire reminder will fit within the alert pop-up.
On screen instructions clarify how to set alerts.
Greatly improved Help section.
Bug fixes.

For more detailed information, a complete users guide, as well as Frequently Asked Questions, see

Here is what the app looks like - complete instructions are included.

Initially this app is available only for Apple devices.
However, we are working on creating a
Workbook Reminder App for
the Android world.

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